10 Ways to Use White Vinegar. So grateful for number 7!!

10 Ways to Use White Vinegar

10 Ways to Use White Vinegar. So grateful for number 7!!

Getting Away from Chemicals

I’m trying my best to get away from harsh chemicals. So many people I know have so many illnesses and my daughter is one of them. When I got an air purifier, I noticed that we both sneezed a lot less. The chemicals in the things we use are the next things that have to go.

I’ve used vinegar off and on for years and I’ve recently seen it’s use explode. I’m a single mom so I also need to keep within a budget. In trying to find a cost effective but natural cleaner, vinegar was high on the list. I compiled a list of ways to use to white vinegar. Some of these I knew about already but a few are new to me.

A word of caution. Do not use on stone (marble, limestone, etc).

10 Ways to Use White Vinegar

1. Clean sticky scissors using white vinegar and a cloth. I was so excited when I found this tip. When I use my scissors to cute fabric tape, they get so gunky it’s ridiculous.

2. Add equal parts vinegar and water to a microwave safe bowl and microwave for four minutes. Remove and wipe away the gunk inside.

3. Mix equal parts white vinegar and water and spray on your cloth furniture to deodorize. I did this when we had a new cat who decided to mark his territory on my favorite chair. It took a couple of tries, but it worked.

4. Save on fabric softener by adding a 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle instead. Your clothes will still come out fresh and deodorized. It’s also said to reduce static.

5. If your drain your clogged, dump a half cup of baking soda down the drain and then pour in a cup of vinegar. Once the foaming stop, rinse with hot water. I did this in my bathtub, which is where we wash our hair, and it worked wonderfully!

6. I use a spray bottle filled with one part white vinegar and two parts water. I use it to clean my bathroom. I’ve also heard that you can add a little bit of dish soap, but I haven’t tried this so I’m not sure if you’ll get a filmy residue left behind.

7. If you get a mosquito bite, soothe the itch by putting vinegar on a cotton ball and patting the bug bite. I tried this when I stung by wasps in my hedges (after trying store bought things that didn’t work). It actually did help soothe the itch. The hedges bit the dust quickly after that.

8. Pour a cup of vinegar into the toilet and let it sit for 15 minutes in order to get rid of a tough toilet bowl ring.

9. Pour vinegar onto a cloth and wipe on your wiper blades to clean them when they start to leave a film on the windshield.

10. Pour white vinegar into a sandwich bag and tie the bag to your shower head. Be sure that the shower head is submerged in the vinegar. Leave for about two hours. It will clean the shower head.

I hope that at least some of these items were useful to you.

Have a blessed day.

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