Time For A Break

When you feel your life is spinning out of control, it's time for a break. Even the disciples had to take a break and rest.

Time for a Break Ever find yourself so caught up in your daily activities that you are constantly going to bed late and exhausted? That’s my life. Even now, after leaving a high-paced, stressful job, my life still feels as if it’s swirling out of control. I seemed to have swapped one type of busy-ness […]

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Kids Can Have a Rough Day Too!

Kids can be just as busy and stressed as adults

Sometimes I feel as if I’m correcting my daughter a bit too much. She’s only 9, but she’s tall and very mature for her age. So, when she actually acts like a 9 year old, it throws me a bit. But, I have to stop and correct myself. She’s had quite a few changes happen […]

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