Redeemed by the blood of Jesus

Redeemed by the Blood of Jesus

Have you ever just sat quietly and reflected on the love God has for you? Do you ever think of how strong and powerful that love is? If you do, does it bring tears to your eyes? It does to mine.

Just think of it. Jesus knew no sin. He left the Father and Heaven, a place where He is worshipped, to come down and live amongst us. He, who has no sin, tried to teach us to walk with Him and love each other. Yet, He was shunned, spat upon, and tortured to death. He sacrificed Himself to make salvation possible for all of us. Even as He hung on the cross, He asked the Father to forgive His tormentors. (Luke 23:24)

Such a perfect love. Let’s sit and think about what that really means. Jesus shed His blood to “repay our debts” so that we can go home and be with Him in paradise. That should bring tears to our eyes everytime we think of it.

Have a blessed day.

Readeemed by the blood of Jesus

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