When it's time to move on. God makes a way.

When It’s Time to Move On Will You Be Ready?

When it's time to move on. God makes a way.

When It’s Time to Move On

My Confusion

I’ve lived in Pittsburgh for 17 ½ years. I initially tried really hard to move, but finding jobs was difficult where I wanted to be. Then, I grew to love Pittsburgh. However, for the past three or four years, I’ve felt this urge to go. I fought this urge because I’d become settled in Pittsburgh. I have a child, a house, a good church, friends, there was always something to do, etc. I couldn’t sense when it was time to time to move on. I wanted to stay put. But, this urge continued to grow and even my daughter started to feel it.

I prayed about it and thought God was telling me to go on to the missions field. I went on a short term trip and loved it. I loved the place, I loved the people, and I loved what we did. However, I didn’t feel that was where we were supposed to go. So, I drove myself crazy trying to figure it out on my own. During all of this time, we stayed put in Pittsburgh; my home! However, things were changing for me.

No Going Back

It’s always been easy for me to move forward in regards to my career. However, this time, I couldn’t. Doors that were opened were suddenly shut. Contracts were canceled. People went in another direction at the last minute. I was flabbergasted! But, I should have known. If God wanted me out of Pittsburgh, He certainly wasn’t going to make it easier for me to stay.

While I was going around in circles, my daughter was asking if we could move to Alabama. This where I’m from. I tried to find a job there, but jobs that I’m used to having in Pittsburgh are hard to find in Montgomery. I wasn’t willing to move without a job. But, I was willing to sell my house and get an apartment so that we could move ‘when the time was right’.

Specific Prayer

I still felt uneasy about everything. I wanted to stay in Pittsburgh, but I felt my reasons were selfish. The one place I wanted to go to that was starting a church plant would not work with my church because it was a different denomination (more on that in another post). I couldn’t find a job I wanted so I felt AL was out of the question. I was so confused that it was causing me to become depressed. I gave up and made a very specific prayer. I asked God to tell me EXACTLY where we should and that the answer should come from my daughter.

The very next day, my daughter told my coworkers that we were moving to Montgomery, AL. I was floored. I must admit that I didn’t think that prayer would work and certainly didn’t think it would work that quickly, but it did! Not only did I get my answer quickly, but when I got my house to the point where we could put it on the market, I got an offer on the second day! God is good. I’m not worried about finding work, I know I will once I get there. When it’s time to move on, God makes a way!

God Knows My Needs

My only regret is that I didn’t feel confident enough to make that request years ago. Now, I feel that the move the AL isn’t permanent. I do feel that it is a stepping stone. God knows that I need a solid support system. If I’m dealing with stress, I can’t hear His message as I should. My friends in Pittsburgh are great, but they are just as busy as I am. My mother is retired and is more than willing (and is very excited) to have my daughter when I need to get things done.

Recently, we went on a Single Parents Family Camp trip with our church. The weekend was busy with activities on the beach, at the lagoon, and worship. It was a full weekend and I’m so blessed to have gone. That Sunday morning, I could hear the Holy Spirit speaking to me. He said that my move to AL isn’t permanent, but it will help me understand my purpose. That message was confirmed in our final session of the weekend. Our guest speaker said the same thing. When we take some time for ourselves and make time for God, we will be ready for what God has in store for us. I felt the Spirit again as our speaker spoke encouraging me.

Praise Jesus!

When it’s time to go, God will make a way. He will speak to you. But, you have to be able to listen. With something always going on, I was missing that message. Once I put the brakes on, I heard it loud and clear.

I’m so excited to see what future will bring.

When God is telling you that it’s time to move on, are you listening? Take some time for yourself so that you can be a peace and just talk to God. Ask Him questions. Listen for His answers and expect an answer because He will give you one. It may not be as quick as mine, but He will answer.

Prayer for today

Father, I thank you for that weekend. I felt your Spirit at that camp and I saw it move a lot of people. I pray that anyone receiving this message will be able to also take some time to be in your presence. I pray that they hear You when You speak.

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